9 Best Freelance Game Designers for Hire in 2023 Only $5

In addition to looking at overall quality, we specifically vetted each designer on this list to make sure they had experience with and specialized in game design. The best way to get a clear idea if the designer is able to fulfil your vision is by having a deep dive into their http://nradatvr.kiev.ua/i25/ portfolio. If you are unclear on how you would like the game to appear, looking through someone’s portfolio is also a great way to get inspired. Once you have chosen your designer, you can refer to their portfolio by picking out elements of past projects that you like.

  • Let us know if you’re a freelance designer (or not) so we can share the most relevant content for you.
  • We also enjoyed working with the Toptal team to make sure we were paired up with the right designer that would fit both our company culture and working style.
  • Of course you want someone with design skills, but you also want a game designer who communicates with you throughout the process, delivers on time and is generally good to work with.
  • I have nothing but good things to say about Toptal and am looking forward to using Toptal for other projects in the future.
  • Becky has degrees in psychology and design and has worked with international clients such as Nike, Uber, Coca-Cola, Mars, Reebok, and Disney.
  • Casey is a software UX/UI and marketing website interaction designer with 10 years of professional experience and 20 years of overall experience.

He thinks methodically, emphatically, and holistically to produce data-driven strategies and well-executed designs. I’ve worked very closely with Martina for over a year and have to say she is one of the best people I have ever worked with. Instead of simply following instructions blindly, she thinks through the task at hand, becoming a thought partner to help with whatever the project may be. Besides being super talented at design, she possesses specific qualities that make her exceptional to work with given the fast paced nature of being a startup.


Darko did a great job figuring out the user architecture for our concept, which led him to produce terrific wireframes. His knowledge of usability and design was a perfect match for the outside voice we needed to help jumpstart our project. We check all comments within 48 hours to make sure they’re from real users like you.

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If these 10 designers aren’t hitting the nail on the head for your project, search to find the ideal match. Of course you want someone with design skills, but you also want a game designer who communicates with you throughout the process, delivers on time and is generally good to work with. So we took past customer experiences into account to make sure all of our recommended game designers are professionals in service as well as design. They very quickly understood our business case and the value of our solution. Toptal designers were very responsive, always online — and that made life very easy for us.


We have ambitious goals on how to grow the application and already Toptal has been a key contributor to that success. If the past year has given us anything, it’s the excuse to find pure escapism. Who better to help us in this endeavour than one of the best game designers from our platform?

game designer for hire

So, for those who are considering developing a game, or for those who just enjoy them, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 game designers with a little insider knowledge. There are so many brilliant game designers out there, all offering their own unique take on the world of game design. Figuring out what style of game design, who your target audience is and what you want out of the project all hold the key to deciphering who is the best game designer for the job.


We’re all aware that, without naming names, there’s a reason why many more of us than ever before are seeking fulfilment within the fantasy world of video games. One couple even chose to hold their wedding on Animal Crossing after recent events forced them to cancel their IRL celebration. It’s all very well having the vision of creating your own game, but it’s impossible to make this dream a reality without the expertise of a seasoned pro game designer. Can is a highly experienced and successful product, UX, UI, visual, and branding designer with many years of experience creating large and small-scale designs. He has worked for global clients in many industries, including GSK, ING, Turkcell, and many others.

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